Identify physical sata disc in Linux

Harddrive failure! Things like this happen and are not liked by anyone.

My broken disc prevented my home server from booting correctly since it got stuck in an endless fsck loop. Had to go down to the basement, hook up a monitor and start digging through some logs. Actually i didn't have to look further than the good old /var/log/messages before beeing greeted by tons of stuff like SEEK_ERROR etc.

But how would I be able to identify the actual physical disc? It was a part of LVM so the first thing i did was pvdisplay to find out the actual device, turns out it was /dev/sde. It was a WD disc and they all have stickers on them with their serial number. Remembered something about a command named something with scsi in it. Turns out it was lsscsi. Didn't have it installed but since i'm running Debian it is as easy as apt-get install lsscsi- After that I just ran lsscsi --verbose checked for the entry with /dev/sda and actually took a "screenshot" with my phone so i would remember the serial when i turned it off to remove the disc.

Voila! Server booting like it should. Guess I have to go shopping for some more discs now.

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