In the beginning there was the command line

I used to have a blog a few years back, once in a while I even updated it with amazing content. As with a lot of stuff in life I kind of lost interest and pretty much stopped updating it.

I found that i kept coming back reading my own posts whenever I googled stuff I've done before but forgotten about. It became a form of personal notebook. Sadly, everything was gone forever when I had a HDD crash without backup (who needs backup right?).

The return!

Lately I've done some really cool stuff at work that had me thinking "This should actually be a blog post" so here I am. Instead of hosting everything myself this time around I fired up a Lightsail instance at AWS. Decided quickly to try something else than Wordpress and had a look at Jekyll, Hugo and Ghost. Ended up on Ghost in the end because reasons. Everything is running behind free tier Cloudflare.

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