New Job

It has been around one and a half months since I officially joined Amazon Web Services as a Solutions Architect. Been a really long process that started back in the beginning of October and ended up with me joining in March. I resigned from my old job at Creuna just before I headed to South Africa over christmas.

I've been thinking about maybe finding something else to do for a while but nothing really tempted me or felt like "i really want to do this" until I got contacted an AWS recruiter about a role as Solutions Architect. One thing that has always been a huge motivator for me, working as a consultant, has always been to work together with my customers and help them reach their goals and succeed. Amazon as a whole strives to be the most customer centric company on earth and our first leadership principle is "Customer Obession" so I think i've found the perfect fit.

Working as a SA I get to meet a lot of different customers and help them architect highly scalable, resilient and secure solutions using some really cool technology in available in AWS.

So far it feels like I've made the right choice, there's so much to learn and I'm more motivated than ever before in my career to make an impact. If you are interesting in joining as well we are recruiting in the Nordics and you can find all our open Solutions Architect positions here. There's also a lot of other positions open in the nordics.

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