Year in review 2017

So I wasn't really sure if I was gonna write this post since it's basically just interesting for me. Then I remembered, this blog is by me, for me so here it is.


During the winter and spring of 2017 I had a bit of a motivational dip. I was waiting for a really big project at work to finally start and we were set to do really cool things. The project got delayed and the conditions changed so it felt like we weren't able to deliver all the cool things we had planned. This put me in a bad mood and I wasn't the best person to be around. The only thing that kept me going was the great team I had around me and that we kept pushing each other even if the project had setbacks. I was really close to quitting my job but didn't find any other positions that interested me. I had a bit of an identity crisis. "What do I want do do in the future?" was a question I asked myself a lot.


One thing that was great this spring was all the trips I went on. It started off around Easter when the whole family went to Gran Canaria on a classic "Relax in the sun and nothing else" vacation. The kids loved it and although I have a hard time with "touristy" destinations seeing them happy all day made me happy as well.

I May me and my spouse got to go on our first trip ever without kids. Not only that, we went to a dream destination for both of us, Tokyo. It was Amazing and I would love to go again. Everything from food, to the people and culture was great.

I June me and a bunch of friends went on a trip to Corsica for a cycling holiday. We rented a big house on Airbnb and did nothing but cycle and eat great food for a week. It's one of those things that is therapeutic to me, not worrying about anything else that riding my bike


This was the worst summer of my life, no contest. Just around my trip to Corsica we found out that my mother had terminal lung cancer. The only thing certain was that she wouldn't make it. I can't even begin trying to describe how it felt but it affected me in a really big way. I won't go into details since I think they are way to private. She passed away in her home in late august. I was devastated.


Work started again and since the project I was working on during spring was finished just before summer I was lined up for something new. Ended up in a big project for a global company that was building a new kind of intranet. It was a microservice api first architecture with performance in mind. Everything running in Azure on a global scale. A really interesting project and a great team made my fall so much better than expected.


Finished the year by going on a trip to South Africa and Cape Town with my extended family. Great country, great weather, amazing company. Would love to go back next winter.


Last thing I did before leaving for SA was actually resigning from my current employer. It has been a great three years+ but I was presented with a great opportunity to do something really cool for a really cool company. Wasn't planning on leaving but that's the way things are sometimes. I'm starting my new position in march but for now it is a bit of a secret where I will end up.

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